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Moab Training

Overland and Expeditionary Driving

Our Foundation course – a unique training experience in the worlds most stunning classroom.


A trademark 7P Overland adventure that’s close to home. Guided adventure and luxury on an incredible international back country journey in safety and comfort.


A Classic African Safari Adventure

Amazing wildlife, luxury lodges and remote bush camping come together for the ultimate overland experience.

Recovery Rings

A lightweight, safe and easy to use system that replaces heavy and awkward pulleys and snatch blocks. Available now.

Advanced Training

Advanced Expeditionary Driving

Remote area operations and longer distances, with more technical recovery situations. 

Overland Recovery Kit

Reliable recovery gear

A compact, properly specified and rated recovery kit for the overlander and weekender that won’t let you down when you need it.

Our complete 2023 calendar is coming soon.

Next up: Winter Overland Driving and Recovery, in Moab – 8th – 10th February 2023.  


What we do
Tacoma and other vehicles in Imperial Sand Dunes

We are a recreational and commercial driver training and expedition company based in Colorado with an international reach. We provide world-class instruction with former military and globally experienced instructors in all types of terrain. Our training covers technical driving and recovery, as well as the non-technical elements of overland expeditions.

Uniquely in the US, we can offer the City & Guilds NPTC training and certification as well as custom-built training packages.


Where we go
Jeep on glacier

Whether it’s being safe when camping near home with the family, or planning and executing a fully-staffed international expedition, our instructors and guides can create a structured and tailored trip for you.

Our unique approach involves hands-on technical training in great locations around the world, resulting in quality training with an adventure to write home about!


What we make
Sling and shackle close up
We’ve owned a lot of gear, we’ve used a lot of gear, we’ve broken a lot of gear. Sometimes that’s ok – everything wears out eventually. We’ve started to build our own equipment, as well as suppling the kit we love, as finding the correctly specified, reliable, hard-wearing gear isn’t as easy as you would think. We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

About Us

Who we are.
7P team
In 2015, a few well traveled and experienced gents had the idea of getting the best team in the world together. We have a cadre of instructors that have operated in the toughest events and military units worldwide. Just sitting around the campfire sharing stories is an experience in itself!


It’s a blog.
Camel 110 driving on sand
With a long history of traveling the world in vehicles, you can only imagine the stories we have.
Our blog is where we share them.

Recommended Kit

Awesome Jingly Janglies.
7P patches
With well over a century of experience (well, the other guys are old), we’ve used some great kit in our time – and it’s not always the latest which is the greatest.
Read about what you’ll have to pry from our cold, dead, hands before we fire up the trucks.


People we love.
When you’re on the road, you meet amazing people. We’ve been lucky enough to meet many of them on our travels. Sometimes we call out how awesome they are publicly, and sometimes we just love to do business with them. Most of the time it’s both!