7P Overland: Epic Adventure, Max Social Distancing

Off-Pavement Driving Instruction and Travel Solves COVID Cabin Fever 

Seven Years To Celebrate: 7P Overland Expands Training & Travel Offerings


DENVER, Colo., February 24, 2022 — Bust out of COVID cabin fever with Sasquatch-level social distancing and adventure travel skills. 7P Overland, a Colorado-based off-pavement technical driving and travel skills company with global experience, can help you kick your COVID cabin fever to the curb with off-pavement travel skills and training, with social distance skills, that give even Bigfoot a run for his money. 

For those who look beyond the open road for adventure, Managing Partner Nick Taylor, one of the company’s six pro-driver instructors and expedition leaders, shared his excitement to be celebrating 7P Overland’s seventh year. “We’ve added more opportunities to explore all the nature and culture our planet has to offer in our Seven Years to Celebrate Calendar. We all know learning and travel can change you for the better — our work is sharing our skills to train people to get out and travel off-pavement, safely and responsibly, with adventure.” Don’t have a 4-wheel-drive vehicle? No problem, 7P Overland can help you rent one. 

Love your 4×4 vehicle but don’t really know its capabilities or how or where to drive off-pavement? For those new to Overlanding, Taylor suggests “our expert-led, two-hour Overlanding 101 online or Overland Fundamentals in-person sessions to learn the basics and ask questions. For individuals, small groups and vehicle clubs ready for training, the 7P Overland offers a three-course path, half day and one day training courses and custom courses on request. 7P Overland Office Hours provide off-pavement adventurers the opportunity to ask a pro any overland or expedition questions in a one-to-one setting. Prices range from $95 for the 2 hour introductory Overlanding 101 through to $3,995 for advanced 3-day courses and several options in between.

Three-Course Path

  • Level One 7P Overland and Expeditionary Skills: Learn Your Vehicle and travel capabilities from your driver’s seat. 
  • Level Two 7P Overland & Expeditionary Foundation Driving Course: Practice multi-terrain driving and recovery skills with your vehicle.
  • Level Three 7P Overland & Expeditionary Advanced Driving Course: Increase your progress to mastering different terrain with these advanced sessions. 


Half and One Day Course Titles include:

  • 7P Overland Bush Mechanics
  • 7P Overland & Expedition Advance Skills: Synthetic Rope Splicing & Field Welding
  • 7P Overland & Expedition Planning: Logistics and Routes
  • 7P Overland & Expedition Vehicle Logistics: Outfitting and Loading
  • 7P Overland Introduction to Vehicle Recovery
  • 7P Overland Marshaling 101
  • 7P Overland Navigation 101

Course locations include the high deserts of Utah, mountains of Colorado, rugged mesas of Arizona and beyond. With open spaces, fresh air and distance between students, choice of ride-in or outside vehicle instruction and the ability to camp and/or hotel, social distancing is made easy. With a pro-driver instructor leading each course, over 800 students trained annually and a student-vehicle to instructor ratio of no more than three to one, 7P Overland trains you for solo or guided epic adventure travel in no time.

Dreaming of driving the sand-swept dunes of the deep Sahara in Mauritania, rock crawling down the wadis of Oman to a desert oasis, camping in Botswana’s safari jewel, the Okavango, as a lion’s roar sends you to sleep, or exploring the Belize rainforest for ancient Mayan pyramids and stepping into the caves, like Indiana Jones touching the Mayan underworld? Or maybe you prefer the altitude of the Mountains and Mesas trip between Colorado and Utah, the mystique of the Mojave Road or the stunning sea to mountain vistas of Alaska or Baja? From off-pavement challenges for the DIY Overlander, to multi-terrain Overlanding mixed with comfort and culture for the Lux Overlander, to technical adventure driving, to remote sites for Luxury Adventurers, 7P Overland has plenty of options. Public and private trips for trained individuals, groups and clubs as well as luxury adventure travel are all available. 

Not epic enough? Get ready to hold on to your vehicle’s “Oh Sh*t!” handle in the Fall as 7P Overland launches 7P Expedition University, a year-long, intensive, online and in-person mastery program. Learn step-by-step the preparation, route planning, gear selection, border-crossing, navigation, and technical driving and recovery skills used by explorers. Proof of program mastery for graduation happens during the final exam, the class expedition. Also slated for later 2022, 7P Overland shares their super-secret sauce in their inaugural Off-Pavement Instructor program. Of roughly 20 active, off-pavement, pro-drivers in the world, six are the 7P Overland partners and they are looking for more guys and gals who have what it takes to join their ranks.

Please note: Due to 7P Overland’s Seven Years to Celebrate Calendar, the company will not be instructing at the four Overland Expo events in 2022. 7P Overland has had an epic 23-event run at Overland Expo and wishes Lodestone Events, LLC a very successful 2022 show season and all the best for the future.  

Shake-off your COVID cabin fever with the 7P Overland Seven Years to Celebrate Calendar of training and travel events and apply for the 7P Expedition University or Off-Pavement Instructor programs on our website. For more information email info@7p4x4.com.