Baja – Adventure Close to Home.

If you’re yearning for an international trip that you can drive to, meet 7P Overland in Yuma, AZ, where our guides will be waiting to lead you on an incredible backcountry adventure in a foreign land in complete safety and comfort. It’s 7P Baja Overland created by a former NORRA Rally Master. The people of Baja are more than welcoming, and waiting to show you their country. Come see for your self with 7P Overland, Baja. The trip of a lifetime is right next door.

What you’ll see on the Baja Overland adventure

On this overland adventure, you’ll see everything from dry lake beds to aqua seas framed by untouched white sand beaches, deserts so vast they disappear into the horizon and landscapes so unworldly you’ll not think it possible.

The eight day trip will start in Yuma, AZ, on November 3, and will loop through the Altar Desert, then into the Baja peninsula to follow great trails and classic race routes.

Created by a former NORRA (National Off-Road Racing Association) Rally Master, this 7P Overland will be following the legendary NORRA Mexican 1000 and SCORE Baja 1000 race routes – with a few modifications to get in all of Baja Norte’s best bits. 

Some of the highlights will be:

The Vizcaino Biosphere

Centered in the heart of the Baja peninsula, the Vizcaino Biosphere is Mexico’s most dramatic and striking wildlife refuge. Its landscape is almost unworldly, with some cactus trees so cliche in shape you’ll think they were pulled out of a cartoon, to others that are bizarre beyond the imagination.

Altar desert sand dunes

These sand dunes will knock you for six. Standing on a dune and only seeing sand on the horizon as you watch the shapes dance and morph in the wind is something hard to fathom until you see it with your own eyes. The dunes’ power and beauty is really unlike any other – and the Altar dunes are among the best in the world. If you’re new to dune-driving, out instructor/guides will help you safely navigate the sand dune terrain. 

Laguna Salada

Pretty much inaccessible without a 4×4, Laguna Salada is a 75 mile long, vast dry lake bed which now creates a huge flat. While a wonder in its own right, it’s a place you can really put the vehicles through their paces for a bit of a thrill.

What you can expect on the Baja Overland adventure

Like all 7P Overland adventures, it will be an equal mix of intrepid and luxury. With a full support crew to cook and setup camp, as well as experienced overland guides and drivers, everything is sorted so you can sit back and enjoy.

The accommodation will be a mix of hotels and backcountry camping as some areas we’ll be visiting are only accessible by 4×4 and we want to make the most of being in the outdoors. 

We’ll also make sure you’ll be well fed from dawn to dusk. Our private chef will use fresh, local ingredients so your tastebuds will get every chance to make the most of being in Mexico.

And what day would be complete without a cold one (or three) to toast with? As well as being well fed, we’ll make sure you’re well watered with a ritual of sundowners so we can share stories and forge friendships in our beautiful surroundings.

One of the reasons we keep the tour to just six trucks is to keep the trip more intimate so you can really bond with your tour mates – we’ve found there’s nothing like a thrilling day of scrambling over sand dunes or powering through a lake to give people something to talk about well into the night.

But you also won’t have to give up any privacy with private hotel rooms or tents so you can take time to reflect on the experience and charge up for another full day of adventure.

The trip is eight days, seven nights from November 3-10th 2019.

Who’s the Baja Overland trip for?

As always, anyone and everyone who wants to use their annual leave to do something a little bit different and take a trip of a lifetime.

Because this trip is on the Baja peninsula – it’s a great chance to do an overland 4×4 trip without even having to take a flight (if you can drive to Yuma, AZ), which is a real privilege for those who don’t want to waste their precious time sitting in airport lounges.

So if this sounds like this adventure is something you’d be interested in, get in touch for more information – before it sells out!

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