Guyana – Way off the beaten track

In September, join 7P International on a unique  trip to Guyana.

Through the Amazonian rainforest through Guyana to Brazil, this trip will be operating in very remote areas and is not for the faint-hearted. This adventure will encompass travel through some of the most remote and difficult locations that Guyana and Brazil have to offer, as well as working alongside indigenous professionals in each country visited. We will be working as closely as possible with t`he local population to achieve a sensitive appreciation and understanding for the land its surroundings and culture. Guides will provide local knowledge for route selection, jungle passages and survival techniques.
The 1992 Camel Trophy in Guyana was a wet and muddy event, and we’re going to follow part of that route. We’re going in the dry season, but rest assured, there’s plenty of mud to go around. Have a look a these videos on YouTube to get a flavour of the event.
As far as we can tell, it’s been nearly 25 years since anyone has driven some of these sections. It will be a challenge to drive old rainforest roads and indigenous trails, but with the in-country 7P staff, guides and vehicles we guarantee we’ll make it to the other end.
After a day or two in the capital, Georgetown, we’ll finish vehicle preparation, complete our last minute shopping and start heading south.
From remote mountain passes to floating vehicles on rafts for river-section liaisons, we won’t always be comfortable – but the stories we’ll create will last a lifetime. How far will you go for that photo? Due to the unique nature of this trip, expect the unexpected and to be uncomfortable, muddy, hot and cold, and dirty. You won’t go hungry though!
One of the highlights of the trip is staying at the Dadanawa ranch farther south in the Rupununi, where we’ll stay and spend time with the “vaqueros” – the local cowboys. The birdwatching here is second to none, and there’s plenty of other wildlife to see in this remote area. After we leave the ranch, we’ll be crossing the border at a tiny border post – and then we’re in Brazil and thrown forwards decades in time.
At each end of the trip we’ll be staying in hotels. During the journey, we’ll stay at a mixture of basic hotels, organised camps and bush camps, and in local villages.

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