Equipment Reference

Here you can find downloadable information for items in our Recovery Kits in PDF format from our manufacturers. Generally there is manufacturing information, WLL and MBS information as well as other technical data.

Environmental Considerations for web and roundslings [PDF]

Lift-All Roundslings (endless slings)
General Information [PDF]
Inspection Criteria [PDF]
Specifications [PDF]
Aramid roundslings information and specifications [PDF]

Lift-All Web Slings
General Information [PDF]
Inspection Criteria [PDF]
Specifications [PDF]

Marlow Ropes
D12 78 datasheet [PDF]
D12 MAX 78 datasheet [PDF]
D12 99 datasheet [PDF]
D12 MAX 99 datasheet [PDF]
Rebel KERR datasheet [PDF]

Samson Ropes
Amsteel Blue Specifications [PDF]
Rope use and retirement guide [PDF]

RP055 Pulley datasheet [PDF]
Pulley Instructions [PDF Page 1 | Page 2]

Impact Blocks Instructions [PDF]
Impact Blocks Specifications [PDF]

CM – Columbus McKinnon
Steel Bow Shackles – Specs, Care and Use [PDF]

Van Beest
Van Beest Green Pin Shackles specifications, care and use [PDF]

Steel Bow Shackles – Specifications [PDF]

All material is owned by the relevant manufacturers and is provided here for your convenience.