Recovery Kit – Overland (Heavy Duty)

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RRP: $1150

The Overland Kit (Heavy Duty) is a compact kit which provides essential equipment for less technical overland trips and camping weekends. It’s the ideal kit to keep in your vehicle so it’s there ready when you need it. This kit is designed for all standard-sized 4x4 Overland vehicles, standard 4x4 vehicles with trailers and medium-sized vehicles such as Transit 4x4s, Sprinters and Power Wagons, etc.  with a GVWR of up to 8,500 lbs (3,850 kg).

The 7P Overland Recovery Kit (HD) contains:

  • Forged aluminium pulley / snatch block
  • Micro alloy steel galvanised and powder coated bow shackle (2)
  • Synthetic (Dyneema) soft shackle (2)
  • Synthetic (Dyneema) winch extension rope (20 ft)
  • Polyester endless sling (12ft)
  • Synthetic (Dyneema) whoopie sling
  • Polyester non-kinetic recovery strap (20 ft)
  • Splicing Kit
  • Gloves
  • Recovery Kit bag / backpack

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Recovery Kit Backpack

We’ve partnered with the great folks at Blue Ridge Overland Gear to build a good looking and functional pack for our recovery gear. Not only does its tombstone shape fit easily into lots of handy locations around your vehicle, it opens to reveal its hi-vis yellow interior (with two pockets) and lies flat making it easy to quickly retrieve the piece of gear you need. And when you need to schlep all your gear all the way over there to help a buddy out, it quickly converts into a backpack so you can easily and safely traverse the rock/sand/mud to the stuck vehicle.

Finding a good pair of gloves that last a long time seems easy, but we’ve been disappointed. Finally, we found some rope gloves that are tough, comfortable and value for money.

The base palm is made with a very flexible goat leather, with reinforced patches strategically placed in wear- spots. All of the leather is pre-curved prior to sewing, which makes the gloves feel already broken in the first time you put them on. The gloves are made with Schoeller® synthetic leather which will hold up to the beatings dished out to gloves.

The backs of the gloves use an air-mesh for breathability to keep your hands cool while working. The Airprene wrist cuff has an adjustable Velcro closure tab, and a carabiner grommet for clipping your gloves to your recovery bag.

For synthetic rope only.

Splicing Kit

A recovery kit isn’t a recovery kit without a means to fix winch lines and rope slings. Our splicing kit is designed for just that purpose. With a fid that works on many rope diameters (so you can help a buddy out), tape, marking pen, scissors, needle and twine you’ll be able to be back up and running in no time. Contained in a black velcro-backed pouch and comes with 6ft practise length of Amsteel Blue.

Pulley / Snatch Block

Our snatch block is a hot-forged aluminum impact pulley made from high quality materials and components. The side plates are produced using the best quality hot forged aluminum and a special manufacturing process allows these pulleys to offer a highly impressive strength to weight ratio, the sheaves are also aluminium alloy.

These pulleys are rope friendly, durable and extremely robust. These features combined give maximum security and strength when the pulley is rigged as part of a vehicle recovery system. Conforms to EN12278:2007 and NFPA 1983(2012 Ed) Class G.

For synthetic rope only. MBS 45,000 lbs / 20,000 kg

Bow Shackles

For our Overland (HD) kit we prefer Columbus McKinnon super strong anchor shackles. While not as smooth as the Van Beest shackles, they are a high quality item, made from a steel alloy that allows a standard 3/4″ shackle to have a WLL of 6.5T (normally 4.25-4.75T).  They have a galvanized and orange powder-coated finish.

All our shackles are marked with Working Load Limit, manufacturer information, traceability codes and are CE marked so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality item that won’t let you down. CM shackles meet or exceed the performance requirements of the following specs: ASMEB30.26, ANSIB18, EN 13889 and  ISO 2415.These bow shackles are a nominal 3/4” / 19mm size (the thickness of the bow), have a 7/8” / 22mm pin and a Working Load Limit of 6.5T (short ton, 5.8 metric tonnes) with a 6:1 safety factor.

MBS 78,000 lbs / 35,400 kg

Soft Shackles

Our light-weight custom-made soft shackles are essential when you’re using our pulley. You’ll also find yourself using them more than the Bow Shackles as they are easier to use and work better with most of our synthetic material recovery kit components.

MBS 30,000 lbs / 13,600 kg

Winch Extension Rope
It seems that 90% of winching involves an anchor point that’s just out of reach. That’s easily solved with our 20ft winch extension. Made from 3/8” Amsteel Blue it comes with a 6” soft eye with Cordura protection on one end and a hard thimble on the other for attachment flexibility.

MBS 19,200 lbs / 8,900 kg

Endless Sling
A polyester endless sling with infinite uses. We love the flexibility of an endless sling – it’s a tree protector, a tow rope, a winch extension – we could go on… The 12 ft version we supply is long enough to do all these things safely.

Rated Capacity 10,600 lbs / 4,800 kg vertical


Whoopie Sling
Made from 3/8” Amsteel Blue, our Whoopie Sling is a useful part of any recovery kit. Designed for knotless rigging, the sling length can be set anywhere from 40” to 10 ft by means of a spliced choker – where the outside of the rope passes through the inside, like a Chinese finger trap that’ll easily hold the weight of your vehicle.

MBS 14,600 lbs / 6,600 kg


Non-Kinetic Recovery Strap
A two-ply polyester webbing strap with additional abrasion resistance, this strap is primarily a tow-strap but can also be used as a non-stretchable rigging extension or a tree protector.

Rated Capacity 6,400 lbs / 2,900 kg vertical

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